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Zoho Discussions Integrations


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Zoho Discussions offers powerful add-ons and integration options which helps you to improve your end user experience and build a higly productive colloborative environment. You can include these add-ons with any of our pricing plans.

Listed below are the add-ons available in Zoho Discussions:


Zoho Discussions enables you to create topics through email using the Email-to-Forum functionality. To use this function, you must configure an Email ID with your portal. With this configuration, users can submit a post on your discussions portal simply by sending an email to the configured Email ID i.e., every message sent to the configured Email ID gets posted as a topic in your discussions portal, with the default topic type as "Discussions". You can later change the topic type according to the content posted.

For Instance: Consider that you have created an individual Email ID to receive feedback from your customers, say "feedback@zoho.com". Now, you can go ahead and configure the Email ID feedback@zoho.com in the Email-to-forum section. Now, all the feedback that are sent to the configured Email ID gets posted as a topic automatically.

To configure email-to-forum feature:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations section.
  2. Click on Email-to-forum tab from the left side menu.
  3. Enter the required Email ID and its associated Password in Mail Details field.
  4. Select the required Forum in which you want to receive topics.
  5. Click on Save. See image below
    The specified Email ID gets configured to your portal.

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