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Configuring the basic settings of your portal is the first step involved right after portal creation. The portal settings section allows you to set up and manage details details about an entire discussions portal. Here you can:

Update Portal Details

The General settings allow you to update the basic information and add set up SEO details for your portal. By default, the main fields in General information section gets automatically updated as soon as you create your discussions portal.  You can further modify and update the details according to your need. 
  • Portal URL:  The URL field displays the URL of your portal. This setting is not useful once you map a domain to your portal. For info on how to configure and manage portal domains, skip to here.
  • Portal Name: The portal name field displays the name of your discussions board. It will be prominently displayed as a portal header and help your user community to refer to the discussions portal. 
  • Description: You can specify a short note about your portal that includes tag line, keyword, significant feature etc., as your portal description. It will be displayed as an introductory message in your portal login page.
  • Time Zone: Zoho Discussions provides you with a wide range of time zones and formats, which can be set according to the region you are located in. The selected time zone will be applied to the entire discussions board.

To update general details:

  1. Click on Settings tab.
    This opens the General settings page by default.
  2. Update the required fields if you wish to modify the existing information.
  3. Click on Update. See image below

SEO Settings

SEO Settings allow you to add/specify meta tags like meta keywords and meta description, for your portal. This in turn help your content be more visible to search engines and engage more number of users to visit your portal and participate in discussions.

To update SEO settings:

  1. Click on Settings tab.
    This opens the General settings page by default.
  2. Scroll down and move to the SEO settings section.
  3. Enter your meta keywords in the SEO Keywords text box.
  4. Type-in your meta description fin the SEO Description text box.
  5. Click on Update. See image below




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