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Welcome to Zoho Discussions Online Help! Here, you can learn more about the new ways in which Zoho discussions can help you communicate better with your online community.

User Guide will help you to learn the functionalities and actions that are related to end users.
Administrator Guide covers the functionalities that help portal administrators and moderators to run their customer engagement portal successfully.
Here, you can find answers to the most common questions about Zoho Discussions
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Ian Allen 1686 - days ago 
where is the "New Topic" button to create a post in the discussion?

you guys have some deep problems/issues going on

your search thing replaces spaces with %20 and so is useless
obahama 1683 - days ago 
I had the same issue. I just "Joined" the programming forum and now there's a New Topic button.
taprik 1631 - days ago 
I can't find the new topic button.
Could you post an help please .
andrewjamesom9 1606 - days ago 
Hi,I am Andrewjames.Please post a new topic.
henrikbladh 1540 - days ago 
Please help us find the "New Topic" button...
alizadeh_mehd 1507 - days ago 
Please help us find the "New Topic" button...
bavinh088 1501 - days ago 
XV años, Quince Años, 15 años, quinceañeras, fiesta de 15 años, mis XV.
XV años, performances XV años, Cubos Publicidad, Fiestas XV años, 15 años.
Daniel Allen Bohrer 1479 - days ago 
I'm trying to use the CW3 PHP forum and can't find the new topic button. What the hell?
azmooon (Guest) 1475 - days ago 
i want guide for embed url in my blog. which address must i go ?
Krister Ylipää (Guest) 1472 - days ago 
How do I get back my dear Google search engine. Right now I fell like a foolish duck. Why did I Test it now I can´t get back to Google, am I forever trapped in this ducksearchengine. Oh,no!

Please let me be free again!

Guest 1466 - days ago 
The same complains above!!!!!! (I´m using the version in Portuguese)
brian chang 1445 - days ago 
I don't get notifications even after clicking on following topic?
Carlos Hugo Aldana 1362 - days ago 
Como puedo dar de baja mi servicio?
Daniel Schulze 1299 - days ago 
Oh my god, where is the "new topic" button? How useless is the forum when no one can find it??????????
rafeed.sultaan 1192 - days ago 
where is the new topic button? AHHHHHHH. frustrating
prasanna 1192 - days ago 
Is there any API to do forum post from our application.
klebermiranda 1130 - days ago 
how change the language of spanih ????
Carlos Neto 1123 - days ago 
Inicinado na página 30/08/12
Quando teremos a versão em Portugues?
osta666 1116 - days ago 
New topic button please?
carina.kemp 1079 - days ago 
How can I check the statistics to see which members have viewed a post?
Dan dantudor 1072 - days ago 
I'm trying to get some help and post to the forums but the posts don't appear. Are there any Zoho consultants that can help us get set up?
lawrence_cartweaver 1048 - days ago 
My discussions account suddenly stopped resolving urls without https.

I have had the url: http://forums.cartweaver.com for years and it has worked fine, On this last Friday this url is returning a 404 page not found error and the system is requiring https. I tried modifying the primary domain to include the "S" and figured I's add the same without the S as a secondary domain, but the system won't let me. So my forum is essentially down because all the users are accustomed to the regular url, and they have been down since Friday.

I have sent numerous emails to support and filled out the support form on the ZoHo site and have made several calls all to no avail. Is there anyone monitoring this forum than can help get this situation fixed?
M. A. Ostrowski 1001 - days ago 
I see no new topic button on the Processing forum site. Which is of course while I joined in the first place. rather disappointing.
Nanette Hoogslag 1001 - days ago 
what the f is zoho? - all i want is to ask a question in processing. Now I'm in Zoho- having to navigate my way around yet another place. Not sure what it is how it works who is making money out of me. Can this be made clearer when I'm thrown into this?
Shmuel Schwartz 977 - days ago 
is there an iphone app for teh calendar?
Ranjan 533 - days ago 
is there any method or way to integrate the zoho data with quickbooks desktop with php. Any help is appreciated.
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